Salon Fundamentals Nails


Salon Fundamentals Nails

The Learning System that Thinks Like a Student.

Salon Fundamentals' student-friendly study strategies, combined with groundbreaking learning tools, are designed to help students direct their thinking, improve memory, retain what they learn and manage information. This means students are inspired because we help them tap into their natural intelligence and gain confidence.

Teachers make a difference by using our built-in learning system that is constantly engaging students through thought-provoking tools that make learning easier, providing help for exams, and introducing case studies that show how all of this works in the real world.

School owners have a clear advantage with Salon Fundamentals. It promotes more satisfied students, encourages best-practice teaching methods and prepares today's students to be tomorrow's trendsetters. Salon Fundamentals sets the pace for lifelong learning, confidence and success.


We make it real. We make it easy. We make success possible.


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Salon Fundamentals Nails Text Book
Salon Fundamentals Nails Text Book

Research shows that reviewing information first greatly improves memory and concentration. So at the beginning of each chapter, we explain what's in store: the value, the main idea and the plan.

Students are prompted to preview, explain why they want to learn the material, and explain fundamental message of each chapter.

And with sophisticated tools like SmartNotes, a proven note-taking exercise that turns what students learn into their own words, Salon Fundamentals helps them improve listening skills, manage information and connect important ideas.

Salon Fundamentals Nails Study Guide
Salon Fundamentals Nails Study Guide

The Salon Fundamentals Study Guide gets students to combine new knowledge with what they already know. Also provided are extensive recall and proficiency learning tools. The Teacher's Study Guide is designed just like the student's, but includes all the answers, so teachers can lead students proficiently. All learning aids are divided into seven Mindframes — proven methods of increasing brainpower.

The seven Mindframes are:

  1. Previewing—Prompts at the start of each chapter steer students in the right direction.
  2. Naming—A proven note-taking method that improves listening skills, helps manage information and clarifies connections between important ideas.
  3. Connecting—Helps students understand concepts from a different perspective by connecting thoughts with visuals.
  4. Self-Checking—Practice tests that help students identify what information they understand and what they still need to study.
  5. Applying—Group and individual activities that promote communication and problem-solving skills.
  6. Self-Testing—Practicing in a test-like format to help reinforce learning and build confidence.
  7. Journaling—A way to express feelings and questions to help deepen memory.
Salon Fundamentals Nails Teacher's Support Material
Salon Fundamentals Nails Teacher's Support Material

The Teacher's Support Material contains best-practice delivery methods and easy-to-follow instructions that help make class organization and testing a breeze. It also offers activities to steer students toward reaching their full potential.

Materials include:

  1. Lesson plans for each chapter, behavioral objectives, reference materials and preparation notes
  2. Written tests for each chapter and two final exams
  3. Answer keys for written tests and brain conditioner exams in the Study Guide
  4. Discussion points and topic summaries for quick reference
  5. Experiential group activities to accent learner involvement
  6. Follow-up assignments, class projects and suggestions for guest speakers
  7. Relevant, value-added reference information
  8. Creative analogies and curriculum ideas in an easy-to-use format
  9. A completed copy of the Study Guide for teacher preparation
Salon Fundamentals Nails Exam Prep
Salon Fundamentals Nails Exam Prep

The Exam Prep Book  is a powerful tool that acts as a mock state board exam, featuring similar industry terminology and test-question styles to help ensure success with the state licensure exam.


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