A Designer's Approach


Pivot Point provides the educational structure to develop true hair designers through A Designer’s Approach™. Designers see, think, create and adapt all facets of their work. Then and only then do they begin to create the finished hair design.

We believe in the importance of developing a designer to know why, as well as how, something works. Knowing how only results in technical skills; knowing why allows the freedom to create. A Designer’s Approach not only educates the students on all prudent licensure-based content, but goes beyond to deliver salon-relevant training, promoting mindful student learning and future success in the salon.

Throughout A Designer’s Approach library, all content is set up for student success, no matter the learning style. This structure models the four phases on Mindful Teaching:

  1. Readiness
  2. Delivery
  3. Application and Assessment
  4. Validation

Take a tour through the program's essential learning and teaching tools.

A Designer's Approach Sample Book
A Designer's Approach Sample Book

This program has been specially developed to help students build skill, proficiency and confidence in color design and to prepare for success in the salon. The foundation provided by the Pivot Point educational library is built upon the individual designer’s approach to learning new material and performing new skills. Understanding this approach will put students at the top tier of entry-level professionals when they complete their cosmetology training.

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